L3 Award in Hospitality

BIIAB Level 3 Award in Licensed Hospitality (ALH)

Part of the BIIAB Profitable Business Portfolio (PBP) and awarded on completion of the 3 core units

The 3 core units are:

  • Profit & loss and budget control;
  • Understanding your market;
  • Motivating your team


BIIAB Profitable Business Portfolio (PBP)


BIIAB PBP is a nationally accredited series of qualifications and professional development programme for experienced licensed retailers and key staff who want to improve their skills

The Profitable Business Portfolio consists of three core units and 11optional units covering all aspects of running a licensed hospitality operation, the BIIAB PBP delivers real business benefits, key to running a successful business.

Each unit is a stand-alone qualification and will be individually certificated.

  • Unit 1 - Profit & loss and budget control - aims to de-mystify profit and loss accounting, and enable candidates to become more conversant with financial terminology, construct profit and loss budgets, and monitor performance.  It will help candidates to plan and budget effectively, and improve management controls in order to increase profitability and improve their negotiating power with line managers, external clients and accountants.
  • Unit 2 - Understanding your market – aims to help candidates establish a clearly defined and marketable vision for their business.  By understanding how to apply a range of market research data and techniques, candidates will be able to identify potential customer groups and clearly define those customers’ needs in order to create an appropriate offer for their business.
  • Unit 3 - Motivating your team – aims to help candidates apply motivational theory to the operation of a licensed hospitality business, and develop an understanding of how to build and lead an effective team.  The unit shows candidates how staff performance can be improved by understanding more about their own style of management, and how they are perceived by employees.


Duration - Variable

The units can be completed a one day, supported by self-study, and candidates may take any or all units in whatever order they wish.

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