Alcohol Awareness

The recent Government initiative to reduce the number of alcohol based interventions for children and young people has led to new proposals for alcohol education to be an integral part of both the national science and personal, social and health education (PSHE) curricula, in line with DCSF guidance

The Level1Certificate in Alcohol Awareness meets this need; by ensuring that alcohol education can be tailored for different age groups and their learning needs.

It aims to both reduce the harmful effects of alcohol misuse and develop the learner’s life skills, including verbal and non-verbal skills, as well as giving those who successfully pass the examination a nationally recognised Level 1 qualification Certificate.

As part of the ‘BII Schools Project’ which provides interactive activities to promote creative and logical thinking, as well as generating family and community involvement.  The project is part of a community-based scheme and offers sponsorship opportunities for BII members to get more involved with their local schools and raise the positive profile of the industry.

About Training can provide you with the training and qualifications


Course Includes:

The nature of alcohol and strengths of different alcoholic drinks

  • How alcohol affects the body, and the dangers of drinking too much
  • The effects of binge-drinking and alcoholism
  • The risks of irresponsible drinking to sexual health
  • The dangers of drink-driving and drug-driving
  • Basic licensing law and licensing offences
  • Drugs and offensive weapons on licensed premises
  • How the licensed retail sector promotes responsible drinking
  • how the licensed retail sector contributes to the local and national economy.

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COURSE DELIVERY Duration - Flexible Learning (10 guided learning hours), The time taken to study for the Certificate in Alcohol Awareness is completely flexible and will be decided by the school or BIIAB training centre. There is a short exam paper combining Yes/No questions and multiple-choice questions.



Nationally recognised Level 1 certificates

A handbook is available from the centre at an additional cost £10.00

(Handbooks must be ordered and paid for at least 10 working days before the course date)

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